Pediatric Anesthetic

Dear Patients,

“The best gift I could receive in 2015, would be an Ohio State victory over the Oregon Ducks in the National Championship Game on Jan.12th, 2015” ~ Michael Dagostino, DDS

Recently, an orthodontic patient from years ago visited my office with her 7 year old daughter. She was in a state of emotional distress because her daughter needed some dental work, and 2 pediatric dentists had advised her that she needed to have all the work done under general anesthetic in a hospital operatory room. I recognize there are a few occasions where this type of intervention is necessary. Usually that’s when a child has some physical or mental handicap which necessitates a high level of medical care during the procedure. In most cases we are able to perform pediatric procedures with just a local or mild sedation. Our office is well equipped to perform most dental procedures on pediatric patients safely and with minimal risks and minimal cost in comparison to having the procedure done in an O.R. with general anesthetic. Most child patients tolerate quadrant dentistry well without mental or physical trauma. Should your child or someone you knows child have dental needs, please contact our office for a complimentary consultation.

Additionally, I would like to make all my patients aware that because of the epidemic of prescription drug abuse, the DEA has made all narcotic prescriptions schedule II, which means doctors can no longer call in narcotic prescriptions.


Michael W. Dagostino, DDS

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