There are tremendous benefits that dental implants can offer patients.  Dr. Dagostino has  taken over 1,000 hours of continuing education on the surgical placement and restoration of implants.  Much of his education comes from clinicians in Birmingham, Alabama, where these pioneers have been successfully placing implants for over 40 years.

Implants are basically titanium screws placed into jawbone that duplicate your natural roots.  They can be used to secure a new crown or stabilize a denture or partial.  The surgical phase of the implant procedure is usually done with the patient sedated, and most patients report little or no post operative discomfort.

The restorative phase is usually done with just a local anesthetic, and most patients state no pain at all.

Our office has successfully placed 100’s of implants over the past two decades.

We offer free consultations and evaluation for potential patients.  If you or someone you love is interested in dental implants, please call our office for an appointment.