Plaque Versus Tartar

Plaque can be removed with very little effort through simple tooth brushing and flossing. If left undisturbed plaque will begin to harden and mineralize to form tartar. Plaque can begin the mineralization process in as little as 48 hours when left untouched. This means if a patient does not floss regularly the plaque left in between their teeth will start to change into tartar within a couple of days. Once tartar has formed on the teeth it can only be removed with dental instruments. Brushing and flossing will not remove dental tartar. To read more about this topic, click here!

Tooth Paste Recommendations

We are often asked what toothpaste we recommend. Recent literature shows that Colgate’s Total toothpaste (if tolerated) is the most effective due to the special chemical tricolasan, which prevents plaque from sticking to teeth for up to 24 hours.

Electric Toothbrush Recommendations

In spite of many claims by manufacturers, most electric toothbrushes are no more effective at plaque removal than a manual brush after 3 months. Most patients stop using them after that time frame.  Our favorite water pick is the “Hydro-Floss” which is available through our office.

Dental Floss Recommendations

Additionally, our favorite floss is Johnson & Johnson’s un-waxed floss which is effective because the floss squeaks when the teeth are plaque free.

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