Occasionally, due to excessive exposure to sunlight, people will develop cold sores on the outside of their mouth. These lesions can be painful and unsightly. They are caused by the herpes virus and only an anti-viral medication will prevent or shorten the lesions appearance. Zovirax is available by Rx or directly from me. Lesions which occur inside the mouth are usually canker sores and can be painful also. The new drug debacterol is very effective and is also available through our office for $25.00. Some patients can develop cracks in the corner of their mouth, this is usually caused by a yeast infection and is treated by topical applications of nystatin, also available through our office for $20.00. Should you develop any of these lesions and desire an evaluation or a Rx, please call our office for an appointment.


Michael W. Dagostino, D.D.S.

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