Oral Lesions – easily treatable and often misdiagnosed

Dear Patients,

After a mild summer we await the arrival of winter. Let’s all enjoy the vibrant colors of fall and cooler weather.

It has been said that a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous. I prefer to say that it is misinformation that is dangerous. Much is written and said about dental problems that is either inaccurate or flat out false. An example of gross inaccuracies that prompted this newsletter is an ailment known by some in the dental profession as angular cheilitis. This fungal or yeast infection causes cracks and/or seeping lesions in the corner of one’s mouth. This ailment is caused by candida albicans, the same fungi that causes oral thrush and a number of other systemic infections including pneumonia. Some ill-advised clinicians are claiming that angular cheilitis is caused by a vitamin deficiency or a host of other causes, but this is incorrect. If properly diagnosed this ailment is easily treated by an anti fungal ointment.

If you or someone you love has an intra or extra oral lesion that is not healing please contact our office for an evaluation.


Michael W. Dagostino, DDS

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