Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training

Dear Patients,

The holidays are now just a memory, and our normally blustering January has been extremely mild. My staff and I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2007.

This month I will be attending an Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training course in Birmingham, Alabama. This intense 2 ½ day course teaches doctors how to quickly and effectively deal with any emergency which may confront a dentist while he is performing a surgical procedure. This course provides me with ACLS certification which must be renewed every two years, as I have been certified for the last ten years. This certification allows our office to provide sedation in a safe, caring environment. Our office already monitors all our sedation patients with a pulse-oximeter and blood pressure detecting device. These devices closely monitor a patient’s vital signs, and alert us to any unwanted change in status. My dental staff are highly trained to handle any situation, and we will respond in an appropriate manner.

We have enclosed our new 2007 calendar which has my emergency # imprinted on them. Should you be unable to reach me at the office, and are having a true dental emergency you can contact me at the emergency number.
Have a great year!

Dr. Michael W. Dagostino, Dentist

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