What Causes Mouth Breathing

Dear Patients,

As the yellow ball in the sky finally starts to show its face in Cleveland, the birds return, and flowers bloom, springtime has finally arrived.

I have been asked on occasion, “What causes my child to breathe through their mouth?”. The exact etiology of mouth breathing differs from patient to patient, that said it is extremely important to find the causes(s) of mouth breathing early in a child to prevent the multitude of growth and development problems that will occur if the problem is not resolved. Most mouth breathers have malocclusions (crowded teeth), incorrect head posture, and incorrect tongue positions. The average mouth breather does not allow the release of nitric oxide during respiration and frequently does not reach the level of sleep necessary for growth hormone release. It is for these reasons that we strongly recommend mouth breathers to be evaluated and treated at a young age. Our office has the 3-D imaging technology that allows us to analyze any anatomical discrepancies. We also work in close conjunction with a local group of ENT’s to treat the mouth breathing surgically or pharmacologically if indicated.

Should you or someone you love have a problem with mouth breathing, please contact our office for a complimentary consultation.


Michael W. Digestion, DDS

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