Pop Related Tooth Decay

Dear Patients,

“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.”  Abraham Lincoln

Recently an article published in the journal of General Dentistry made an astounding correlation of tooth decay and patients that drink diet soda and patients who use crack cocaine and/or meth. The article showed numerous patients who had drank two liters of soda per day for numerous years resulting in gross dental decay. It further showed a few meth and crack addicts with gross dental decay. The author made the correlation that diet sodas and crack or meth addiction can have similar deleterious effects on dental health. Although, the etiology of dental decay in diet soda abusers and drug abusers is different, the effects are similar and equally destructive. People who drink a lot of sodas should recognize the acidity of their drinks and limit the time the soda contacts their teeth. They can also minimize the acid breakdown by swishing with water after drinking their soda neutralizing the acids.

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Michael W. Dagostino, DDS

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